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Foot Pain Treatment in Puyallup

foot pain treatment

Our motto is “Time wounds all heels”. With our state of the art 3D foot scanner from Foot Leveler’s, we get over 5000 bits of information about your feet.

If necessary, we will utilize our state of the art digital x-ray to obtain even more information about your wounded soles. We then send your digital information to our lab via the internet and your soothing prescription insoles (aka orthotics) typically arrive within 7 days.

Our orthotics are custom, affordable and qualify as a medical necessity under your HSA or ESA plan. Did you know that most health insurance companies recognize the importance of healthy feet and offer annual prescription orthotic/insole benefits. Be sure to check with your plan to see if they offer prescription foot orthotics/insoles also often in the “durable medical device” section of your plan booklet.

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