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Sports Injury Treatment in Puyallup

sports injury treatment

With our gentle methods for adults and children at Chiropractic Northwest & Massage we've been helping elite as well as recreational athletes “Get back in the game” for over 32 years.

Our motto is "Do What You Love." Whether it be your head, neck, back, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, wrist or elbow we can help you get back in the game. If you’ve been injured in your sport or your child has been hurt in their school or select sport, with our state of the art digital x-ray we can give your injury the immediate attention you desire. We successfully help patients recover from running, soccer, golf, basketball, baseball, rugby, football, equestrian riding, water/ snow skiing, gymnastics, dance and any other sport we’ve forgotten to list here. Most sports Injuries are biomechanical injuries requiring biomechanical solutions making Chiropractic Care & Massage the perfect fit.

We can help. CALL US TODAY 253-845-5358 or click HERE for a new patient appointment request.