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Chiropractic Methods used in Summit

Upper Cervical Specific: No “cracking” here! Precise, comfortable instrument-guided adjustments of the cervical spine (neck). This is an effective treatment for whiplash, headaches, neck pain, stenosis, osteoarthritis, TMJ/TMD and upper extremity neuralgias.

The Gonstead System: Precision, Hands On, Gentle, Results. The Gonstead System is a precision method of analysis carefully implemented to detect and correct vertebral subluxations. It includes postural analysis, precision instrument analysis and biomechanical x-ray interpretation. Gonstead adjustments are hands on, gentle and get results. Our doctor is amongst a few in the state trained to deliver the Gonstead Cervical Chair Adjustment. The Gonstead technique gets results where others fall short.

Arthrostim and Activator Instrument Adjusting: Again, no “cracking” with this method. Precision adjusting instruments are used in lieu of traditional manual adjusting. This is an effective treatment for the entire spine and extremities.

Lumbar Flexion/ Distraction: This type of physical medicine gently decompresses the lumbar spine improving biomechanical function while reducing adhesions and spasms that are commonly associated with chronic or acute conditions. No “popping” with this method. This is effective treatment for acute and chronic lower back pain, stenosis, sciatica or other lower extremity neuralgias.

Cervical Kinetic Traction (CKT): An innovative targeted approach to rehabilitative traction of the cervical spine. While supported in the proper ellipsoidal posture, the neck is simultaneously tractioned in the axial plane and then gently guided through a predetermined range of motion. This physical medicine procedure allows for specific and targeted areas of treatment where traditional linear traction or physical therapy falls short. This is an effective treatment for chronic neck and shoulder pain, stenosis, headaches, and upper extremity neuralgias.