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Services in Puyallup

We use a multidisciplinary approach and gentle, modern methods of chiropractic care to provide specialized care to each individual we serve. We see new patients same-day for automobile, on-the-job, and sports injuries; as well as for management of acute and chronic conditions. Our client base includes adults, as well as children. Our use of low-force techniques make chiropractic safe and comfortable for all ages.

We maintain the “old school” doctor/patient relationship. We purposely seek out modern thinking healthcare providers with the best innovative approaches to patient care. We have been utilizing this interdisciplinary approach for the past 20 years. We are well –connected within the Puyallup healthcare community. We have developed a rich network of like-minded professionals all dedicated to serving patients well. We will work with your doctor. Also serving the surrounding areas of Summit, Brookdale and Fredrickson!