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Physical Rehabilitation in Puyallup

Call Chiropractic Northwest and Massage today if you live in Summit, Fredrickson, or Brookdale and are seeking physical therapy!

Wellness Through Movement: Unlike traditional physical therapy, we’ve pioneered this self-care program to be performed at home.

Utilizing natural physiological fulcrums, this method specifically targets injured ligaments, muscles and tendons. While achieving the obvious, increased flexibility, other benefits include posture correction, core strengthening, and trigger point therapy.

Cervical Kinetic Traction (CKT): An innovative targeted approach to rehabilitative traction of the cervical spine. While supported in the proper ellipsoidal posture, the neck is simultaneously tractioned in the axial plane and then gently guided through a predetermined range of motion. This physical medicine procedure allows for specific and targeted areas of treatment where traditional linear traction or physical therapy falls short. This is an effective treatment for chronic neck and shoulder pain, stenosis, headaches, and upper extremity neuralgias.

Compression Adhesion Therapy (CAT): Another “first” developed by Chiropractic Northwest. This self-care program for home specifically, targets nagging muscle and ligament pain associated with chronic conditions or moderate to severe injuries. This is an effective treatment of the spine as well as the extremities.