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Work Injury Treatment in Puyallup

work injury treatment

With our gentle methods at Chiropractic Northwest & Massage we've been successfully opening claims and helping patients through work related injuries for over 32 years. Simply report your injury to your supervisor or human resources department and then make an appointment in our office. We will open the claim and handle all the necessary paperwork.

Did you know that in Washington State you can choose your provider for your work injury? It is referred to as your Attending Physician. So even if your company sent you to "their" clinic to be evaluated, you may still come to ours either thru a physician transfer request which, with your permission, we will complete at your first visit in our office or you may see us via a direct referral from your Attending Physician.

Don’t be shy, ask your Attending Physician for a referral to our office. Most work Injuries are biomechanical injuries requiring biomechanical solutions making Chiropractic Care & Massage Therapy the perfect fit.

We can help CALL US TODAY 253-845-5358 or click HERE for a new patient appointment request.